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“Stronger as one”, against the climate crisis

The danger of a climate emergency, for which many are to blame, and which must be acted upon, is clear. And it must be faced head-on. Extinction Rebellion (XR) Camden and Islington will be holding an independent debate on 28 March on how North London groups can work together to amplify their voices.


Hotter days, more intense storms, increased droughts, famine, death, species extinction, damage to biodiversity, water pollution and acidification, depletion of natural resources, emergence or increase of diseases… The list is long.

The impacts of climate change have long been discussed, as have its causes (deforestation, accelerated population growth, sharp increases in greenhouse gases, etc.).

The scale of the environmental, climate and societal challenges facing living beings is such that individual organisations acting independently can only have a limited impact. It is clear, then, that in order to respond more effectively to such challenges groups need to build alliances and work more closely together, so that their voices are amplified and heard more widely.

The important thing is to know what can be done and how to do it.

This is why the call for the “Stronger as one” meeting, by Extinction Rebellion (XR) Camden and Islington, is aimed at local community groups (immigrant and non-immigrant) deeply concerned about the multiple and interrelated environmental and social emergencies that exist.

The organisers believe that “we can be more effective in tackling these issues if we join together to amplify our voices” and that therefore this will be an opportunity “to discuss the issues that concern your community, for us to find our common ground and build alliances, to help each other “.

During the two-hour event there will be an introductory talk, led by an independent facilitator (from outside XR), and smaller groups will be set up to encourage open and honest dialogue, before returning to the room. This event is for representatives of community organisations only, not individuals.

The “Stronger as one” meeting is part of a larger demonstration that Extinction Rebellion is organising to take place from 21-25 April around Parliament. Other activist groups such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Global Justice Now, Unite the Union and others are joining in.

This is “Big One, an ambitious project to bring 100K people peacefully and united to the streets of Westminster from Friday 21 April to Monday 24 April. The demand is for the government to deliver a just, citizen-led transition away from the era of fossil fuel-based economies. The “Big One” is a coalition between XR and other groups, including some important new alliances to be announced shortly.

The organisers have pointed out that the event will include Latin American representation, and that the Environmental Network for Central America (ENCA) will be supporting the event.

Date and time: 28 Mar 2023, 7 pm. to 9 pm. Venue: The Greenwood Centre 37 Greenwood Place London NW5 1LB United Kingdom

For more information and to register click here.

 (Photos by Extinction Rebellion, authorised  for publication)

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