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The only home of mankind will always be words

The Argentinean singer could not talk until he was 9 years old, illiterate until he was 14, widowed at the age of 40, he met his father at 46, and he was killed by drug traffickers at 73 years old on 9th July 2011 in Guatemala City.


Armando Orozco


The right-wing assassinates poets all the time. Remember no further back than the crime against Federico Garcia Lorca, the poet from Granada, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

And others during this unrest, who suffered execution by firing squad and prison, as in the case of the poet Miguel Hernández, and many others in concentration camps during the Second World War because of the ultra-right wing, Nazi fascists.

However, it is not only financial capital that sacrifices poets, but also the military and drug traffickers. They are all now allied together in Latin America in a deadly crusade against culture, because painters, playwrights, writers, thinkers and even comedians have also all fallen during the years of Plan Condor and Pinochet dictatorships, as happened to Jaime Garzón, and guerrilla commanders who were shot at close range like Che Guevara.

It is because Words, with a capital letter, are a light in the conscience, allowing the faculty of the human being to take into account what is happening around it, to organise itself and fight to transform the world.

The poet Federico García Lorca was killed at night in the street, leaving us to dig without finding his grave even now.

The Spanish right-wing killed him because his poetry put black people and gypsies into existence, turning them against visible injustice. Garcia Lorca spoke of hunger and discrimination and lack of love, the same as Facundo Cabral’s speeches and songs.

Today, drug trafficking dominates Central America, trying to create the first continental drug state in this region, which did not spare the Argentinean poet-minstrel.

They also own the media so they want to deflect these murderous shots, as they did before with the poet from Granada, saying that he was killed in a dispute with gypsies, and in the case of Facundo, that they were directed at his business owner.

This is such a big fallacy because they will keep going against all those that raise their voices, with force, truth and strength in favour of freedom, loving their neighbours, protecting nature, equality, snubbing consumerism, and without limits of money as the only real and symbolic value in this society.

With capitalism in decomposition, those allied to it will not stop threatening life, songs and happiness. In Nariño, Ipiale, eight days before the death of the Argentinean playwright, Arturo Cisneros was also killed.

He was a cultural promoter and lawyer, who closed the Seventh Poetry Recital of the South with his disappearance.

They did not forgive Federico García Lorca yesterday, nor the Salvadoran Roque Dalton, nor Facundo Cabral, who turned his face away from wealth with the best ethical and moral human values acting as a shield. They killed him in “Guatepeor” (“Guate-worse”) – what bad news!-at dawn on a Saturday in July.

However what is not known by those who also killed the Colombian poet and journalist Fernando Garavito, on a northern road in the south of the United States bordering Mexico (following reports), is that the only true home of mankind will always be Words.

(Free Photo: Pixabay y Youtube)

 (Translated by Donna Davison. Email:

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