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Human rights and wrongs

Gina Miller is a champion of human rights and wrongs, having single-handedly stood up to our government in the Supreme Court on the question of national sovereignty.


Peter Cook*


She won her case but, of course, was ignored by Theresa May’s cabinet. Gina also suffered extreme abuse just for upholding the rule of law, facing threats of beheading and gang rape.

I cannot comprehend what made some people feel so diminished by a woman of colour who spoke some simple black and white truths to power. Gina realised that winning a court case was not enough to restore truth, trust and transparency to a Britain now invaded by Brexit populism, so she formed a political party to focus on such things.

Gina’s True and Fair party aims to fix our broken politics which have consequences for each and every person living here and around the world.

Gina Miller. Photo supplied by Peter Cook.

Her policies on immigration and asylum are of particular relevance for people wishing to live and work in Britain and those fleeing from terror. They stand in stark contrast to those being put forward by the major political parties:

Her proposals include: Amnesty for people that have been in the UK for more than 10 years and are contributing to the economy; pursue needs-based immigration rather than imprisoning skilled people on ships and in hotels at great cost to the taxpayer and the country; major recruitment drive, better pay and quicker vetting of border staff; make safe and legal routes available (to reduce exploitation, abuse, loss of life and to reduce smuggling and trafficking; establish a new Dubs Scheme to resettle unaccompanied child refugees; and roll out the system of independent guardians in England and Wales to represent, support and safeguard child victims of human trafficking, as legislated for in the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The True and Fair party are standing a candidate in the Mid Bedfordshire by-election prompted by the resignation of disgraced Conservative MP Nadine Dorries. True and Fair are the only serious political party in England who are prepared to say that ‘Brexit Broke Britain’ and that we can and must join the European Union anew.

Gina headlined the March to Rejoin alongside Guy Verhofstadt and Professor AC Grayling recently. It has become painfully obvious that Brexit is breaking Britain, economically, socially, politically, environmentally and ethically via impact studies.

Moreover, the breakage continues, with many more impacts to come as full-blown Brexit comes to be over the next 7 years. The main political parties have all colluded to look away, as they try to airbrush the word Brexit out of our minds. It is a quintessentially English cultural habit to pretend that something doesn’t exist when it is embarrassing or difficult to talk about at Sunday tea or the village hall. However, it does not make the problem go away.

I coined the phrase Brexit Broke Britain about 18 months ago and have been ‘wearing the t-shirt’ for over a year. I even wrote a song by the same name in 2022, also originating the phrase ‘Sunakered’ into the bargain.

I was delighted to hear that Gina has mainstreamed the phrase when she mentioned it several times during her closing address to several thousand people at Parliament Square.

If we want change to happen we cannot expect this to occur by repeating the same binary politics that led to our xenophobic Brexit referendum. As I write this, Suella Braverman has just declared that being gay is not a good enough reason to seek asylum in Britain.

Braverman forgot to say that gay people claiming asylum are doing so because they are threatened with persecution and execution and not because of their sexual preferences.

Gina Miller gives example to the power of what one determined woman can achieve in the fields of social justice, equality of opportunity and the rule of law in politics. In the same way that Caroline Lucas has achieved much more than most in the field of environmental justice.

It is important to support truth, trust and transparency in politics for a better Britain in a better Europe for a better World. We cannot afford to keep repeating the past.

*Peter Cook leads Reboot Britain / Rage against the Brexit Machine.  Author of three books on Brexit, six albums of protest songs, inspirational anthems and 400 films. He organises collaborative events online and grassroots activism “to educate people that Brexit has failed and that we can and must rejoin the EU as a priority”. 

(The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Prisma.)

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