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Lighthouse Media Evolution: against misinformation

We live in a world that today has 21 wars and 216 armed conflicts. The human family in the 21st century has no interest in this violence. It is small but powerful global interest groups that benefit from this violence. And these interest groups need the global mainstream media to sell this violence as necessary.


Silence is violence. Photo by Tim Pierce /Flickr. Creative Commons License.

Jimmy C. Gerum*


Common sense and the press codes of different countries speak different languages. The blatant and systemic violations of these codes have a devastating effect on the formation of public opinion and cause lasting damage to democratic development.

The fact that over the decades this manipulation has reached even the public broadcasting system in all Western countries has increasingly destroyed the credibility of the medium and the trust in its independence.

Visible to every citizen, public broadcasting is degenerating into a mouthpiece for the national and international governmental political agenda, which in the 21st century still promotes warmongering and gives priority to violent solutions to international conflicts.

The geostrategic backgrounds of international conflicts, which today any responsible citizen can research on the internet, are concealed by incompetent or ignorant editors in order to more easily push through the inhuman goals of global geostrategic interests.

We are now all facing a fundamental crossroads on the question of whether to continue to allow the one-sided disinformation in the leading media or to take action against it with a broad alliance.

Only an enlightened population can develop the strength to demand the necessary democratic freedom.

It is our duty as an enlightened minority to form an alliance that stands up audibly and visibly against injustice.

The media is the key to leading the majority out of their misinformation.

Only together can we achieve the change in the times in which we are now working. The international Lighthouse Media Evolution movement has been working during the last 18 months to call journalism to its responsibility in a joint effort.  We call on the entire constructive oppositional ideas to link the actions and contents of their extra-parliamentary and intra-parliamentary initiatives with our transnational media dialogue offer. This dialogue offer is intended to make the diversity of our movements visible, to bring the creative spaces for shaping our democratic future to the forefront of the discussion and to finally end the age of hypocrisy.

Our human family is creative, social and peace-loving. We will no longer allow ourselves to be suppressed by one-sided global interests. The Covid crisis has made us grow up and we will now see this crisis as our chance to give a new orientation to the future of our societies.

Lighthouse Media Evolution emphasises the ethical responsibility of journalism as a whole and called for a joint effort towards the goal of a general non-violent resolution of our international conflicts.

An immediate ceasefire of most conflicts is the compelling consequence of a balanced consideration of the global interests behind the current violence, for example in Ukraine or Yemen. The question remains why journalism does not deliver an urgently needed clear picture here, as the press code and freedom of the press actually prescribe.

In order to constantly increase the motivation for further and more in-depth discussions, the initiative “Lighthouse Media Evolution” is now expanding its media dialogue offer internationally with the help of a web app for the media dialogue in German, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian. Currently, 200 cities have been participating in this valuable dialogue offer every week for 63 weeks, see the world map in the web app.

Every single world citizen can participate in worldwide press invitations to the events of the international peace movement:

The link can be opened in any browser, without download and registration.

The aim is to build a trusting and responsible relationship between citizens and local journalism in every city in the world. The mere observance of existing rules of the press codes of different countries can bring about a mature civilisation that will be able to resolve present and future global conflicts at round tables, rather than with violence on the battlefields of this earth.

More information: Jimmy Gerum, +49-151-5055 2062 or Lighthouse Media EvolutionWe.together. For a world in peace. InstructionsTeaser RoarMedia, New App Lighthouse Germany

*Jimmy C. Gerum is a motion picture producer responsible for the action-adventure “Cascadeur: die jagd nach dem bernsteinzimmer”, 1998 (The amber chamber) and the epic adventure drama “So weit die füsse tragen”, 2001 (As far as my feet will carry me). Founder of Lighthouse Media Evolution.

(Photos: Pixabay)

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