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Al Mayadeen: censored for broadcasting reality as it is

Their directors have defended true peace and the committed communications battle, in light of the boycott and censorship by Israeli authorities who are trying to present an image of an alleged paradigm of rights.


The chairman of the board of directors of the Pan-Arabic network Al Mayadeen, Ghassan Ben Jeddou, last week confirmed here the communications commitment to peace and the Palestinian cause.

In relation to the decision by Benjamin Netanyahu’s military and security cabinet to close the channel’s activities in Israel, the director said that the decision signed by the Communication Minister was “with trembling hands, publicising the idea of triumph against Al Mayadeen, with a deluded and grim pride”. In a statement broadcast on their platforms, the renowned communicator highlighted that the Israeli entity is trying to threaten other free media wherever they are found in this world through Al Mayadeen.

In that regard, he condemned the decision to block Al Mayadeen on screen, online and on social media in three languages. “Perhaps this is the national security victory the Israeli occupation has been looking for amidst its greatest humiliation”, he noted.

In this way, he underscored that Al Mayadeen broadcasts reality as it is, with a sense of patriotic belonging and with internationalist horizons.

On this topic, he restated the strength of the communication platform that embraces Palestine as a cause and defends their dignified people.

In their statement, Ben Jeddou specified that Israel does not know what either freedom or free identity mean.

At the same time, he said “At Al Mayadeen we have never lied, nor have we treated anyone hypocritically. We are with human beings wherever they are, we support the resistance of people of the world against any type of occupation, headed by the oppressed and assaulted Palestinian people.”

In this line of thinking, he pointed out that Al Mayadeen’s daily communications battle is keeping the Israeli occupation awake at night.

At the same time, he reiterated the strength of working with journalistic professionalism, “we have not begged for any permit and we have never cowardly knelt before anyone,” he insisted. PL

(Translated by Donna Davison. Email: Pixabay

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