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The human condition in the face of genocidal practice

People such as Benjamin Netanyahu are necessary for humanity. Yes, this sentence sounds terrible, but it makes sense in reality. 


Germán Ayala Osorio


Let me explain. Being inherently genocidal, Netanyahu has had some judgmental parties remind him, and especially the rest of the world, that, despite the terrible crimes against humanity committed by his obedient Zionist army, his judgement socially, politically, in the media and possibly by the International Criminal Court (ICC), is occurring within a universal moral system that usually serves to punish too late those who act the wrong way to humanity. There are already almost 40,000 dead and months of “war” and nobody has wanted to stop Netanyahu on his infernal path to pain and uncertainty, sowing death across the Gaza Strip.

Upon becoming a media spectacle, live broadcasts of the criminal actions of the State of Israel usually serve to naturalise the massacres and the genocide itself. The universal moral system is designed to make violence seem customary. This moral system operates in almost the same way for the West and the East, because it is founded on this human condition that, being wicked and profoundly religious, from and within it usually come genocides, the dropping of atomic bombs and, in general, international wars and domestic armed conflicts which are usually justified.

Palestinians “are not human beings, they are animals or beasts”, meanwhile the members of the Zionist army are “beings of light, illuminated by a true God”. There is nothing more immoral in the history of humanity than religions and churches.

The world needed Harry Truman to see how the “dream” of many people to hurl the atomic bomb at civilians became reality. In the end, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the targets in a political and military decision, but also a moral one from a handful of Americans who have always wanted us to accept the United States as a dazzling moral beacon in a world dominated by immoral economic, social and political systems. This same world had needed Adolf Hitler to validate the possibility of hating other nations, considered to be heathens, barbarians, animals or beasts. Nazi genocide was immoral because the economic crisis of ’29 was too.

Now, part of the world jeers and rejects the genocidal actions launched by Israel on the Palestinian people, while the other part silently applauds or simply allows these crimes against humanity.

The latter are forced by economic interests that cross political and diplomatic relations between Powers that see this bloody stage as an opportunity to improve their systems of defence and create weapons that are more lethal and effective.

What is happening in Gaza is like an enormous “war dealer” in which arms manufacturers are delighted and imagining new prototypes of weapons so that violence becomes eternal. Then, they talk of deaths, of war, but not of crimes against humanity. The particular use of language also becomes immoral because it serves to mask facts: what is happening in Palestine is not a war. It is an exercise in genocide. The subsistence and legitimacy of universally accepted moral frameworks needs the immorality of wars and genocidal practices because, almost immediately, humanitarian narratives make us dream that it is possible to live in peace and harmony, at the same time as trying to make us think that the underlying problems are people like Truman, Hitler and Netanyahu, when it is not like that.

The underlying problem is the human condition, from which we can expect the most sublime, but also the most abominable. We are a cursed species and a damned species. Netanyahu, Hitler and Truman, among other world leaders, represent an important part of humanity which professes an overwhelming hatred towards others.

And those others are the ones who have a different culture, another language or simply, by chance, had to endure ethnic persecution from others who, at some point in their life, decided to put themselves on the moral high ground. Today that is Netanyahu. Other genocides will come. The world needs it.

(Translated by Donna Davison – Email: Pixabay

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