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Grito Latino Pride Fest: A celebration of queer Latinx identity

An open-to-all festival is the UK’s first event dedicated to celebrating queer Latin American and LGBTQ+ identities. It aims to provide a welcoming space for dialogue and festivity, offering essential health services and queer-focused cultural activities to support and build community visibility during London’s Pride month.


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Scheduled during Pride month, this event, to be held on 15 June, is the first to specifically focus on queer Latinx identities, aiming to provide a safe space free from discrimination.
The inspiration of the festival, which stands as a milestone for the queer Latin American community in the UK, stems from a recognized need to dispel negative stereotypes and enhance the visibility of the queer London Latin American community. All this is told by Romina López, who explains that the traditional Latino-themed events have seldom addressed the unique experiences and challenges faced by queer Latin American individuals. By emphasising inclusivity and support, this festival aims to fill that gap and foster a more welcoming environment.

The founding of “Grito Latino Pride Fest” came from a collective realisation by Romina and other key organisers that combining their efforts could create a more impactful event, especially in the face of funding constraints that make it difficult for smaller, separate events to thrive.

This is why more than 10 organisations, including the Argentine Association of Professionals (APARU), the Paraiso School of Samba, Aymara, and Exilio Latinx, have teamed up to provide significant support for the queer Latin American community.  In doing so, they are taking a crucial step towards greater inclusivity and recognition of queer Latin American identities in the UK. Romina hopes this initiative will inspire similar queer-focused events that continue to support and uplift the Latin American queer community, fostering ongoing appreciation and advocacy for queer Latinamerican identities during Pride month and beyond.

Following a vision for broader community recognition, the festival aims to establish a lasting impact that resonates throughout the UK’s Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities, encouraging continued efforts towards equality and understanding for the invisible Latin American community.

Inside the celebration

Central to the festival is an open conversation that delves into what it means to be Latin American and queer in the UK. This discussion will explore the complexities of identity, the challenges faced, and strategies for better integration into the broader multicultural society. The goal is to deepen understanding and cultivate supportive community dialogue.

Health and wellness are also major priorities. In collaboration with local healthcare providers and NHS support, the festival will offer essential services, including HIV testing and other face-to-face assistance. Romina hopes this can reaffirm the more serious message during the festivities.

These personalised initiatives are crucial for improving access to healthcare for Latin American individuals, who often encounter significant barriers within the UK health system, such as difficulties securing GP appointments or understanding their healthcare rights.

The festival will also celebrate queer Latin American literature, creating a space for attendees to engage with and purchase books featuring diverse narratives that reflect and discuss queer Latin American experiences.
Romina tells The Prisma that it will enrich the community’s cultural engagement and empower underrepresented voices through different sets of poetry, fiction, and essays. Throughout the day, performances orchestrated by various dance coordinators, including the Paraiso School of Samba, will animate the LGBTQ+ celebration. Performances are designed to highlight the cultural heritage of the Latin American community, showcasing both traditional and contemporary dance forms.

Festivities continue into the night, mirroring the inclusive environment that Romina and her team have strived to create for all attendees.

Location: Magdalen Hall Association & Community Bar, Purbrook Street, London, SE1 3DQ Date and time: Saturday, June 15th, 12 noon to 11:59 pm. For more information click here.

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