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Children: never before more at risk

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), children have not been at greater risk since the Declaration was adopted 34 years ago. Today, nearly 400 million children (one fifth of that population) live in or flee conflict zones.   Elizabeth Borrego Rodriguez    “Unfortunately, children today live in a […]

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Israel’s West Bank hostages

The Lie During an October 8th 2023 television address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put his country on alert: “We are at war with Hamas” he declared, “This is not an operation, but a war.” He went on to announce a mass army mobilisation the likes of which hadn’t been […]

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Social media’s threat to journalism

The gap between “informed” people and the rest is growing fast. In Switzerland, “media-disadvantaged” people make up 43% of the population. It is synonymous with poverty, scarcity and under-information with regard to the access and consumption of traditional media (the written press, radio and TV).   Sergio Ferrari`   That […]