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Gaza in the 21st century

We are in the 21st century now. We have learned in school about the ancient human and how he used to ignite the fire in order to get light, heat, and make food. He used simple tools in his primitive life. This is what history says. (This article was published in 2016. Today’s harsh events make it more relevant than ever..)


Walid Rouk / Unity News*


Today, in the 21st century, full of the latest tools and modern technology, millions of people are still using what ancient man used in order to get a fire: Syrian Refugees , the continent of Africa and poor countries;
But I will talk about the city where I was born, ‪‎Gaza‬ City.

During the last seven years, Gaza Strip entered a program of cutting electricity.

The electricity is cut off sometimes eight hours a day, sometimes more than ten hours; on rainy days they sometimes don’t get electricity at all.

The sad fact is that people here are accustomed to the program.

Electricity is cut due to the lack of a sufficient quantity of electricity in the Gaza Strip to illuminate whole houses at the same time. Gaza City still lives in an unfair blockade; the closed gates have rusted because they have been closed for more than 7 years. We have lived through three wars in less than five years and the children here have witnessed a lot of painful scenes.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian generations have lost their life or have become relegated to the sidewalks of the street because of the blockade. They don’t have an income and they don’t have a job.

Don’t feel surprised when you find a Palestinian who holds a Master’s Degree in a specialist subject working in a store. Maybe he is needed by the overseas market outside Gaza? Maybe you’ll find him sitting on the sidewalk most of the time.

I have talked so much during the past few years about the city. We have lost hope in change; generations of Palestinians are living only on some small assistance.

The world doesn’t talk about Gaza, the world has forgotten. The media talks only when blood is spilled in the streets, only when wars come; only then will you find them talking about what happened in Gaza – and even then, only temporarily.

I’ll stop talking because I don’t want to lose control of my feelings. All I wish for now is a better life. I would like to see nature that I see on TV here, and I wish I could watch the fireworks launched into the air in public places here.

We are all victims in Gaza; victims of silence by the world, by silent governments.

The world is busy with development, freedom and democracy, yet ignores the rights of victims of freedom and democracy.

Yesterday I recorded a video of a poor and homeless family, and I’m still thinking, how many people still live like this?

How many Syrian refugees are now without homes? Is this really the 21st century?

How many people will leave their house and become refugees this year? The numbers are still rising everyday.

Yes, major powers ِ engage in fighting terrorism, but they are just looking for temporary solutions, because those powers serve only their own interests.

People around the world still believe the false media. They haven’t even tried to see the reality, to put themselves in our place for one short minute.

Ok. We are in the 21st century now.

People don’t like the long story.

They want to read the short story because the world has no time to read anymore.

*Article originally published in Unity News.

(Photos: Pixabay)

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