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ISIS: the gates of no return

Peoples in western Asia struggle for self-determination in the face of dictatorships supported by the West, and their recourse is to radical Islam, along with its repressive policies against women and freedom of thought. The moribund policies of the West remain transparently clear to young Muslims. Breaking the Geneva Convention to make young ISIS volunteers stateless will bring a bitter harvest.

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The world needs less white saviours and more justice

Interreligious dialogue and multiculturalism has failed in a number of countries around the world. So thinks Tasneem Chopra, a prominent curator, consultant, writer and activist whose passion n for addressing social justice issues has embraced many platforms.   Khayala Mammadova* Ulviyya Sanili Aydin*   An independent cross cultural consultant, she […]

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The ideological orphaning of the left

It is the left’s most worrying problem. Its two most important reference points, communism and social democracy, have suffered a profound crisis since the fall of the USSR and of so-called ‘really existing socialism’ in Eastern Europe along with the neoliberal model’s predominance in a Western Europe which has put an end to the so-called welfare state.