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Bolivia immunised

Bolivia is one of the first states in the world to have 100% Covid-19 vaccine available for its entire population in need, after receiving one million doses a few days ago.


The country stocks around 13.5 million vaccines, one million of those from Johnsons & Johnson’s US based [company] Jansen for a single dose, enough for the expected 7.5 million patients.

The announcement was made by the vice-minister of Foreign Trade, Benjamín Blanco.

He clarified that the country has vaccines for 5% more than its ‘vaccinable’ population, by lowering the total estimate, as many people are at the minimum age limit of 18 years old required to be immunised, the authority said.

Blanco called on the governorates and municipalities to speed up the vaccination process, through inclusive measures for citizens who have not yet been immunised.

According to the official, the country accumulates some 6 million unused doses, “but we hope that very soon the regional governments will address the misinformation generated in some places and identify their vaccination schedules”.

Bolivia started its national vaccination campaign in early February with the Russian injectable Sputnik V and then supplemented its needs with antidotes from the main pharmaceutical manufacturers. (PL)

(Translated by Cristina Popa – Email: – Photos: Pixabay

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