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Assange incarcerated: an attack on human dignity and the press

This is the story of how the American CIA frustrated the plan to liberate the founder of WikiLeaks. Everything is contained in a video which has been seen around the world.


Julian Assange. Photo by Dedevanderroove / Flickr.  Creative Commons License.



This video, published by daily newspaper El Pais, reveals the ordeal that the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has experienced for over a decade, since Washington started pursuing him for bringing to light State Department documents.

These texts show the atrocities that their investigation agencies, its justice system and federal officials are capable of; where the extreme right former president, Donald Trump, stands out.

Journalist, Carlos Martinez, talks about those four days in which Julian Assange was on the verge of being free in 2017, a time when he had sought refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. His lawyer, Baltasar Garzon, had negotiated his exit with the Ecuadorian government, but everything was guarded day and night, mainly by workers from the embassy’s security firm, the Spanish company UC Global, and US agents.

Martinez said that nothing was the same again for Assange and the American secret services after The Guardian made the WikiLeaks’ diplomatic cables public; 400,000 secret files about the Afghanistan war, a report about the torture that the United States allowed in the Iraq war and in Guantanamo, and why the CIA and the American army are the object of the WikiLeaks investigations which rocked international politics.

On 16th December 2017, the defence team led by Baltasar Garzon finalised Julian Assange’s exit strategy in a meeting with the then-consul for Ecuador, Fidel Narvaez, in charge of the Embassy during the ambassador’s holidays.

It basically consisted of granting him Ecuadorian nationality, and then turning him into a diplomat so that he could then enjoy diplomatic immunity.

Martinez points out that he was responsible for communicating this decision formally to the British within the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations: if a diplomatic agent is appointed in a third state in the transit between the State in which they are located and the supposed diplomat, the countries through which they pass have to recognise their inviolability and immunity.

Therefore, he could not be arrested, he could not be the subject of any judicial proceedings and he could flee the country. Nevertheless, as well as the lawyers and Embassy staff, there was someone else in these meetings: the Spanish company responsible for security. The mass espionage that they carried out, especially during those days, was discovered later on.

Thanks to those videos, audios and reports that El Pais uncovered, it has become known that a former worker of the Spanish company spoke for the first time about the preparation and order of changing the security cameras that were in the Embassy for others that recorded voices.

As well as visitors, the security firm insisted on writing down the largest possible number of details. Martinez went to Jerez de la Frontera, where the server of this central computer is located, and verified that it had access to three sources from Ecuador.

The lawyers returned to Madrid in the early hours of that same night. Some hooded figures went to Baltasar Garzon’s office and assaulted him.

“In the Spanish courts, we are waiting for them to give us an explanation for why espionage reached the lawyer’s office in Madrid”, he says.

The story is rigorously described and proven in the video, just as in the revelatory document.

Assange’s lawyer and wife, Stella Moris, said, “I am very concerned because he is in a unique maximum-security prison in the world, he is living with highly dangerous individuals, the isolation is what is really affecting him and also the fact that it is not known when this is really going to end. If he is extradited to the United States, an unfair trial awaits him”.

This is not justice; it is a troubling affront to the freedoms of the press and expression and a direct attack on human dignity. This is the ordeal for press freedom that Julian Assange is facing. PL

(Translated by Donna Davison –  Email: Pixabay

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