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How safe are our trains?

Now the Government have got their way with “modernising maintenance” on Network Rail, the reality for many onboard staff and passengers is very worrying.


Passengers helped each other off the trains.

Lizzie Fletcher / Unity News*


After the union put out an offer to members working for Network Rail, without a recommendation to reject. members made uninformed decisions to vote for a deal that has made workers redundant who used to walk the track spotting cracks.

The ontrain crew and passengers are now at risk, if the first carriage had caused the crack and not the third, that train would have derailed.

Since then, there have been a number of incidents. On the 7th December 6 trains just stopped. Passengers had to make their own way off the trains. 2 of the 6 trains had a 1000 people on board each!

Passengers walking the tracks.

This is not just “an accident waiting to happen” this seems to be deliberate removal of safety and maintenance to create more profit for shareholders.

One train had to Self Evacuate Old Oak East Up Relief on to ballast to North Pole access point.

Another had to Self Evacuate Paddington New Yard/Westbourne Park on MTR Infrastructure – Trains run driverless here plus LUL H&C lines 4th Rail close by.

Another Self evacuated Up Main Old Oak East.

Another started off as a controlled evacuation and become uncontrolled Ladbroke Grove on to ballast to North Pole Access Point.

Two more… Wharnecliffe Viaduct controlled evacuation on to ballast and by foot to Hanwell.

One train made it back to Paddington.. Note how the only service that kept passengers safe was this one that had a guard and fully competent staff on board.

What has to happen before we bring the railways back into public ownership ?

*Article and photos originally published in Unity News.


Driverless train.
Loose dropper wire.





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