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Mini-series on Immigration and Elections in the UK: Weare looking for volunteer journalists

Two independent media publications,  Migrant Women Press  and The Prisma – The Multicultural Newspaper  have teamed up to produce a Mini-series on Immigration and Elections in the UK.


We need volunteer journalists to join us and work on this mini-series. If you are interested, we have a couple of questions we would love to have answered:

  • Do you want to be part of this project?
  • Do you speak English or Spanish and have excellent writing skills?
  • Are you passionate about journalism and new challenges?
  • Can we count on you in the coming weeks


…this is an achieving opportunity to work for the Migrant Women Press and The Prisma – The Multicultural Newspaper and commit a few hours of your time per week. Plus you can do it from home!

If you think that this role could suit you, please send your CV and covering letter to migrantwomenpress@gmail.com and info@theprisma.co.uk.


  • For this unpaid volunteer position, we offer excellent references upon successful completion of your assignments.


Migrant Women Press is migrant women-led independent media outlet connecting women from diverse backgrounds, amplifying their voices through journalism.

The Prisma – The Multicultural Newspaper is pioneering and unique bilingual media project in the UK, focused on migration, refugees and multiculturalism, that provides news on Latin America and Spanish speaking countries as well as the UK, and seeks to strengthen ties between the immigrant communities and the British society.

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