Women, immigrants and “undocumented”… A powerful story
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Women, immigrants and “undocumented”… A powerful story

On the street corners of Brooklyn, men and women from other countries wait for hours in the hope of finding a job. They’ll do anything. Up to and including putting up with the exploitative conditions that unscrupulous impresarios, knowing they don’t have ‘papers’, that they’re ‘illegal’, will subject them to. Division Ave grasps and reproduces this reality.

Carlos Quintana, painting life stories
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Carlos Quintana, painting life stories

The Cuban artist is a slave to his art, but he considers his captivity to be a sweet one and feels lucky to exhibit his work in the Vatican and both the Venice and Havana Biennial this May.
“I will never tell anyone what to think about my work; I paint so that others can think for themselves,” Quintana emphasises.
The artist believes that “with fine arts, it’s an indulgent slavery, as one feels the impulse to paint constantly, every mood, every emotion.”

The Mediterranean… still an infinite cemetery for migrants
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The Mediterranean… still an infinite cemetery for migrants

The lack of agreement between European countries about migrant reception policies has been a pending issue since the 2015 crisis, despite countless attempts from the community bloc to address the situation. The rate of dead or missing migrants and refugees along the central Mediterranean route has risen to date in 2019. One in every 10 people lost their life in the attempt.

Eliseo Altunaga.  Foto Prensa Latina
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The architect of new cinema is in Chile

This accolade has been bestowed upon the Cuban maestro of scriptwriting, Eliseo Altunaga, who has been an icon in the Chilean film industry for the last decade.
Professor at the International School of Cinema, Radio and TV in San Antonio de los Baños, Eliseo Altunaga is the screenwriter of Machuca, Tony Manero, Violeta Went to Heaven, Post Mortem, NO and A Fantastic Woman.