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Indy Film Library to celebrate 5th anniversary with first ever UK event

Movies by talented UK-based directors to be screened at London’s The Garden Cinema from 17:30 on February 25th 2024. Selection includes Will Priddis’ family dramedy “‘People who pretend to be crows in their spare time”, Kino Lee’s meditative experimental film “Huo Zhe”, and Felix Davidson’s haunting existentialist animation “Brown bread”. […]

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Who is Luis Buñuel?

A few days ago in London, an approach to the work, life and mysteries of this film director began. A journey of enquiry that will end in February and will include academic introductions, special events and debates to unravel his legacy.   Buñuel’s life was as colourful, intricate and fascinating […]

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Searching for Shambhala (2023)

Director: Tian Yu Liu. Writer: Tian Yu Liu. Running time: 15 mins. After screening “Moerasdraak”– a found-footage film about a group of students who accidentally uncover an international conspiracy during a project on broadcast journalism – I spoke to director Ruben Swart.   Jack Benjamin / Indy Film Library*   One […]