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Searching for Shambhala (2023)

Director: Tian Yu Liu. Writer: Tian Yu Liu. Running time: 15 mins. After screening “Moerasdraak”– a found-footage film about a group of students who accidentally uncover an international conspiracy during a project on broadcast journalism – I spoke to director Ruben Swart.   Jack Benjamin / Indy Film Library*   One […]

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Visions of Haiti 

A celebration of this country repeatedly punished by its history will take place between October 18 and 31, exploring how artists and filmmakers have responded to the country’s culture, history and resistance over seven decades. This is a unique opportunity to learn about filmmaking, which once was not a priority […]

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My name is Alfred Hitchcock

This is a 120-minute documentary that recreates Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpieces and, at the same time, invites us to discover lesser-known titles and his early works in silent films, such as Farmer’s Wife (1928), one of his favourites.   Daimarelys Pérez   The strong personality of the master of suspense and […]