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Police investigate death threat against journalist in Brazil

The São Paulo Civil Police launched an investigation to investigate a death threat against journalist Pedro Zambarda, a contributor to website Diário do Centro do Mundo.


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Last Friday (10.02.2020), Zambarda denounced, through a police report, a message he received on his cell phone after he published an article about ‘waves of hate’ on social networks and the violence of postings by militants.

In the message sent on Sept. 29, 2020, a person created a WhatsApp group called ‘Warning’ and writes that Zambarda’s next report would be how many shots would hit him.

In BO 1088/2020, registered at the 18th DP in the city of São Paulo, the DCM reporter claims to have found with the help of sources that the phone number from which the threat came, identified on his cell phone as ‘Corona,’ belongs to former parliamentary advisor Leonardo Antonio Corona Ramos, cited in the report published on Sept. 27, 2020.

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