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Burkas to bikinis

Roaming around the National Mosque in a burka in Kuala Lumpur I began to feel a similar sensation to what I had just felt on the beach in Langkawi Island in the Andaman Sea a few days earlier.   Faryal Iqbal   It was a liberating feeling that I felt […]

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Jihad unveiled

In the last decade the term Jihad has catapulted into the public consciousness, instigating feelings of fear, violence and above all holy war.   Sofia Ahmad   Islamic Fundamentalists have popularised the idea of Jihad as simply unrestrained indiscriminate warfare against those who they perceive to be the enemies of […]

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Squatting: under the cover of occupation

In the English-speaking world they are known as ‘squatters’, in Spain ‘okupas’, and in certain Latin American countries as ‘paracaidistas’ (‘parachutists’). These are some of the terms that refer to those people throughout the world who lead lives based on occupying abandoned buildings or abandoned housing.   Juan Galbete   […]