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Timely books for children 

Two of these books urge young readers to be outside their homes, discovering and enjoying the natural world around them. The other two celebrate self-esteem and black history.   Sean Sheehan   “I ate Sunshine for breakfast” (7-14 year-olds) justifies its glorious title by bringing botany alive. Informative text and […]

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Groundhog days

Trump rose to power in 2016 on waves of racism and nationalism that have always flowed in the American psyche. As the next election looms, he seeks to ride the same currents and, once again, the Democrats are beached on the sand with a figurehead who may not be able […]

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Yearning for an absolute

If science can describe reality as it ‘really is’, any such description would be transcendental, independent of our observations and partial perspectives.   Sean Sheehan   The philosopher Meillassoux uses fossils as proof that we can access a reality  unrelated to human knowledge. We are grounded in historically-determined horizons of […]