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The city, a frenzied animal

The metropolis is a frenzied animal.  But what can it do to defend itself?  Jump.  Cry.  Ask us to show it some mercy?  Ask us to refrain from filling it with temples, where even God refuses to pray.   Armando Orozco Tovar   The Earth is an animal.  She shakes […]

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Slavery and reparations

Abolition Acts continued to be re-written and re-applied right up until the early 1900s. The effects are still with us.   Nigel Pocock   African-Caribbean slaves are the largest group that have not been compensated for the suffering and abuse they underwent for 400 years (c. 1450-1850). This might seem […]

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Computational power vs. wisdom?

On 6th of January BBC1 News reported that research shows that brain ‘power’ starts to decay earlier than was thought … Reasoning powers diminish from age 40 or so…   Nigel Pocock   Is an implied brain ‘power’ only about ‘reasoning’? This statement is extremely simplistic; making good judgements is […]